Access to Service

Here You can book resources like MR5 and also adjacent experimental rooms.

Please note the rules for booking: 
1. You must book enough time for your experiment incl setup/dismantle time
2. You may book 1 month in advance
3. Cancel up to 5 working days before booking, otherwise the charge will be made. Using the spot time mechanism (see below) you may be released from payment if another project takes the slot. Please mail if changes are made in order to maintin correctness of charging.

The new booking system

Wiki for users a MRCenter

 Spot time mechanism: Join the whatsup group by mailing If you want to offer a time just publish on the group and if anybody picks up, mail what you have agreed to Marie and she will adjust the booking-database.

The old bookingpages (no longer used) 

The old http:/ will close very soon

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